Course curriculum

  • 01


    • You Want A 'Member' Discount? (G)

    • Copy of Eat Your Own Dog Food (REF)

    • Three Laws of Networking (GN)

    • AGGGGGHHHH - The Alarm Didn't Go Off!!!! (SELF)

    • Invite a customer to visit (V)

    • Selfie Recon (REC)

    • Referrals on your doorstep (REF)

    • Make a list and educate (P)

    • No Referrals Please.... (REF)

    • Remember to recon (REC)

    • Looking after your Visitors (V)

    • Keeping Track (ME)

    • No Referrals, why not? (REC)

    • Offering a discount (GN)

    • Ten minutes under the spotlight (P)

    • Toilet paper referrals (REF)

    • Recons to find referrals (REC)